So You’re Remodeling in Utah, Have You Considered Recycling Your Scrap Metal?

So You’re Remodeling in Utah, Have You Considered Recycling Your Scrap Metal?

scrapSpring time looks like it’s finally here; with the arrival of warm weather many people are finally taking their remodeling projects off of the back burner. Whether you are working with a contractor or have decided that this year you are going to ‘do it yourself’, have you thought yet about how you plan on recycling your waste? Did you know about the newest trend in being truly green – scrap metal recycling in Utah?

Scrap Metal is Big Business

It’s a surprise that most people are unaware of the huge scrap metal industry. Usually ranking among one of the top ten grossing industries in our nation, this market it generally in the top 5 of our highest exports. Not only is it an extremely profitable and important part of this nation’s economy, it is also about protecting our planet. Did you know that by recycling ONE aluminum can you can save enough energy to power your television for three hours?  Or that the energy conserved by recycling steel vs. mining virgin ore, can reduce atmospheric air pollution by up to 80%. These figures are not unimpressive. Now apply it to remodeling in your house. How many pounds of old copper pipe were you planning on just throwing away for lack of a better idea?  What were you going to do with the spent aluminum siding? How about those ancient brass fixtures that are caked in mineral deposits?

What Metals Are Accepted?

Now you’re thinking. The aforementioned list is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg; most recyclers will accept an extremely wide array of materials- from aluminum cans to steel posts. A brief online keyword search should help you to locate your local centers; generally speaking these places will post a concise list delineating exactly what items they will take, as well as how you need to sort them for drop off. If the fact that this method is good for the environment doesn’t provide enough inspiration for you to go the extra mile, then perhaps the knowledge that these companies will pay for your goods just might. Remuneration is based on a per pound rate combined with quality, you can get a general idea of what to expect by looking up scrap metal values online.

Now Do the ‘Right’ Thing

They say information is power, are you feeling more powerful now?  Now that you not only know how you are going to take care of the waste from your remodeling project, but that you will make a little extra coin off of your effort, as well as exactly who will be doing your scrap metal recycling in Utah.